Windows 10

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Install Windows 10 from a USB flash drive 

(Note: Before you start, make sure you have backed up your files.)
1. Plug the USB stick to the device.
2. Power on the Laptop/Desktop and press the boot menu key during initial startup. 
Boot menu is different from motherboard manufacturers.
Dell, Acer, Lenovo = F12, HP = F9, Gigabyte = F7.
Some other motherboard manufacturer may use Esc.
3. At the Boot Menu screen, choose the USB stick to boot the windows 10 installer.
Press any key if you see “Press any key to boot from USB...”
4. At the Windows setup screen, choose language, time and currency format and keyboard method. Our bootable USB only support English language. Then press “Next”.  
5. Choose “I don’t have a product key” if your device is previously windows 10 installed and activated. Otherwise you will need a product key to activate the windows 10, then “Next”.
6. Check the “I accept the license terms”. Then, Click “Next”.
7. Choose the Operating system you want to install. If your previous operating system installed was Windows 10 Home, you should choose Windows 10 Home. If you choose Pro instead of Home, you will need a product key for it.  Then, Press “Next”.
8. Choose “Custom: Install Windows Only” if you are going to reinstall windows.
9. You need to delete all the partitions by selecting each partition and click “Delete” and then click “Next” to install Windows.
10.  Your device will restart a few times. After a successful installation, Windows will ask for information and then Windows will be ready for you. 
If your device is previously Windows 10 activated, you do not need a key to activate again.)

Activate Windows 10

Reintall Windows 10

Change UEFI/BIOS Boot Mode

Set Hard Disk's partition as Active