Frequently Asked Questions

Technology Locker - Frequently Asked Questions


Q.Once I receive the trade-in value and have purchased products, is the trade-in amount deducted from my purchase?
A.Yes we will send you an invoice which includes the total purchase of goods minus the trade-in value.

Q.Do you provide net payment terms?
A.Yes we provide Net 30 from the date of invoice and customers are required to apply for credit terms.

Q.Do I need to pack the trade-in products for collection?
A.No, you are not required to pack the equipment for collection, our guys will come onsite and pack and collect.

Q.What happens to my trade-in products once collected?
A.We provide additional services for your products that are collected. The additional services include data erasure of devices with hard drives using Blancco data erasure, additional collection and recycling of e-Waste equipment and an audit report of all equipment collected.

Q. What trade-in devices are accepted?
A. Most brands of IT equipment are accepted as long as they are deemed to have resale value. Equipment with no resale value are deem as e-Waste.

Q.Is there a limit to the quantity of devices that can be traded-in?

A.No there is no limit; you can trade-in as many devices to increase your trade-in value.

Q.Can I trade-in products that are not in working condition?
A.No, for your trade-in products to qualify the equipment must be in working and undamaged (reasonable wear and tear accepted). Non-working or damaged equipment deem as e-Waste.