Delivery and Returns

Managing Returns

When you take delivery of our product, you must inspect it immediately. You must report to us in writing suspected defects, damage or incorrect supply, which must be received by us within 5 days of delivery otherwise we may refuse any claim you make. If our product is damaged when we deliver it to you, we may accept its return and replace it with an equivalent product, or credit you with the price paid, at our option. You must comply with any reporting requirements imposed by either us or a Third-Party Supplier.

We will accept the return of our product if our product is not in accordance with your order, your proof of purchase is returned, and it is returned to us in its original condition within 10 days of the RMA# or RA# being issued by us. You are responsible for the cost of returning the product to us.

If you wish to return to us our product which we have correctly supplied to order, you must let us know within 5 days of the date of delivery. If we agree to the return of such product we may charge you a handling or re-stocking fee of between $50.00 per product, or 10% of the price of product returned, plus any delivery costs. If we accept the return of product which was specifically produced to your specifications, or has been damaged or altered by you, we will not credit you with the price paid for it.

No Fault Returns Procedure

The following provisions will apply in respect of the return of products by the customer to Technology Locker in accordance with these Terms:

No Fault Products

A 'no fault' product ('No Fault Product') is a Product returned by the Customer where the return is not due to the fault of Technology Locker, or any fault with the Product.

Product sold on a "No Returns Basis"

Technology Locker is entitled to supply certain Products on a "No Returns Basis".

The expression 'No Returns Basis' means that Technology Locker will not accept returns on No Fault Products.

To the extent permitted by law, Technology Locker reserves the right to apply the No Returns Basis policy to any promotional or sales product (s) as it deems necessary. Technology Locker will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure such products are clearly advertised and promoted as being sold only on a No Returns Basis.

Faulty Returns Procedure

Faulty Products

A 'faulty' product is a Product returned by the customer to Technology Locker or vendor that failed to operate in accordance with its functional specifications.

Dead on Arrival Products

A 'DOA' (Dead on Arrival) product is a faulty Product that failed in the early life of usage, or out of box. The DOA period for each Product will vary based on vendor policies, and commonly ranges from 7 to 30 days.

Warranty Products

A 'Warranty' product is a faulty product that failed within the warranty period. The warranty period for each Product will vary based on vendor policies.

Returns Enquire

To report issue of any product from us, you must open dispute via Resolution Centre from your account.

1. From the My Account section, choose Resolution Centre.

2. Click Open a New Dispute and select Item dispute.

3. Choose the right issue to report to our customer service team.

To return any product to us, you must obtain a Return Material Authorisation Number (RMA#) from us by contacting

Returning products to Technology Locker

Customers must return product(s) to Technology Locker with RMA or RA number clearly written on a removable label on the outside of the shipping carton(s). This number must not be directly written on the carton.

Returns should be sent to:

Technology Locker

Return Department

26A Davis Road

Wetherill Park NSW 2164

The receiving dock operates between 9:00am and 5:00pm EST Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Please note:

All products must be returned in complete set with original packaging and must be received by Technology Locker Return Department within 10 days of the RA number being issued.

Technology Locker accepts no responsibility for loss or damage occurring in transit.

You must obtain a valid RMA or RA number (see above) for all returned product(s). If the RMA or RA number cannot be identified, or if the Product does not match the RA details provided by you in terms of either quantity, product code or product serial number, we may reject the returned product, and return it to you at your expense.

For all returned product(s), you must maintain a copy of the proof of delivery or consignment information to confirm delivery in case of future queries.